Padel is a racket sport that combines the elements of tennis, squash and badminton. The scoring method is the same as tennis (matches are best of five sets) however; solid padels are used instead of strung rackets. The game is only played in doubles format and takes place on a glass box court where balls can be played off the walls! It can be practiced both indoors and outdoors.

Padel is easy to learn and, because the Padel is close to the hand, it helps to control the ball better. Serves are not an offensive weapon in Padel as they have to be delivered underhand. Equally, players are given extra chances to defend against killer slams and ‘put-away’ points as there are two chances to hit the ball: one before the it reaches the walls, and another after the ball hits the court surface and then bounces off the walls.

Padel is great fun and an excellent way to gain physical fitness! Points often last longer than in tennis and the smaller court brings everyone closer, making social conversations a much more integral part of the game! Padel makes for a great family game; men, women and children can all compete together without strength being the sole determinant of the winner!

Padel is a fast-paced innovative sport bursting with social and entertainment value that has attracted world-class racket players such as Jamie Murray.

Since 2016 the number of courts and clubs in the UK has increased by 40% to 21 clubs and 44 courts. British Padel has over 1,900 players (a 60% increase since 2015).

Brief history

1969 - Padel is invented in Acapulco, Mexico by Enrique Corcuera.

1974 - Alfonso de Hohenlohe, plays the game and imports it to Marbella in Spain building two courts.  

1992 - Argentina win gold in the inaugural Padel World Championships in Madrid

1992 - The British Paddle Association is formed by a group of passionate British expats

1993 - The US Padel Association is founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee and two courts are opened.

2005 - Padel Pro Tour, the professional Padel Circuit is created

2013 - The World Padel Tour (WPT), a new circuit of professional tournaments is launched

2017 - The Guernsey Padel Club is launched